September – June Season Withdraws, Refunds & Credits
First day of class withdrawal
Athletes who wish to withdraw after their first class must come to the office at the end of class and you will be given a withdrawal date for the end of that month. If the office is closed, an email must be sent that same day.
Class withdrawal
Classes may be dropped at any time with 1 full months’ notice via email or in writing at the office. For example, notice given Jan. 3 would be notice for Feb. February tuition would be charged and athletes would remain in class until the end of February.
Please note:  You are responsible for payment for your student's classes whether or not your student attends class until the time you notify the staff via written notice. 
We will try to accommodate athletes who register in an incorrect class for age and/or ability level by moving them to a more appropriate class when available. Any classes that have team clothing will be subject to a withdrawal charge for the remaining balance of the team wear and other additional charges. There is no refund for team clothing.
You are responsible for payment for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS.
Summer Classes & Camps Withdraws, Refunds & Credits
Summer Camps
No make-up camps offered. Refunds will be given if a member cancels at least 5 business days prior to the start of the camp. Refunds will not be given once a camp has started. Transfer of registration is NOT permitted once a camp has started. Transfer of registration may be permitted if camp has space.
Summer Classes
PARENTS MUST NOTIFY TWISTERS TO DROP A STUDENT FROM CLASS. Pro-rated refunds are only given until the end of week 2 and a $25 admin fee will be charged to all withdrawals.
We will try to accommodate athletes who register in an incorrect class for age and/or ability level by moving them to a more appropriate class when available.
Class cancellations, Instructor Substitutions and Changes
We reserve the right to cancel or change class times or days; in either case, notification will be given. From time to time, class ratios may be affected by low registration.
Coach illness may occur and in such events may also necessitate a temporary substitute instructor for your athlete's class.
Snow Day/ Power Outages
Any gym closure due to weather or power outages will result in a class credit for that day applied to the athletes account.  This credit will be used for future tuition charges on the account.  Twisters will not refund the amount in cash.
Make Up Classes
Because of our strict student to teacher ratio, missed classes will not result in make-up classes, prorated tuition or refunds. No refunds for classes missed including scheduled personal holidays.
Please note: You are responsible for payment for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS until the time you notify the staff of withdrawal VIA WRITTEN NOTICE. 
Holidays/ Stat Holidays
With the new schedule and billing procedures you will only pay for scheduled classes. Monthly fees will be prorated for scheduled closures (i.e. Christmas Break) statutory holidays, and special days. For a complete list of scheduled gym closures please check our website.
Payment & NSF Charged
All past due fees must be paid in order to continue enrollment. Failure to keep your account up to date will result in your athlete being removed from the class.
All payments will be monthly and due at the beginning of the month. You will still need to pay when you register in order to hold your spot.
Payment Options
Credit card on file – Charged on 1st business day of the month.
Postdated cheques once early bird registration is over
If wanting to pay by cash we require a credit card on file and payment must be made at the office before the first of the month or your credit card will be charged.
There is a $35 charge for all NSF cheques. All fees are in Canadian funds.
If you are paying with funding you can still attend classes as long as you bring in your completed Twisters funding form to the office. You will be responsible for payments if your funding falls through. If you wish for your athlete to be paid for by either a sports funding organization or your homeschool please fill out an application and register in person at the office.
A medical note is required to resume training.
For the health & safety of our participants and coaches, we reserve the right to remove any athlete from a class that we feel should not be participating in a class due to heavy coughing, fever, chicken pox, flu symptoms or any other illness that might be highly contagious and harmful to others.  The parent/guardian will be called and asked to take their athlete home. For Chicken Pox symptoms, please refer to the Healthlink BC website with information about this condition. If athletes are mildly ill, and not contagious they are allowed to attend. No contagious illnesses please!
If you notice signs of scratching, rash on the neck, or nits growing in the hair, ensure you wash the hair and start treatment right away.  Please do not bring your athlete to train until the condition has been treated and no sign of nits or lice are present in the hair.  If we notice an athlete in the class with symptoms of lice, we will call the parent and ask to remove their athlete to prevent spreading it to others and the rest of the group will be alerted.  Please refer to the Fraser Health website detailing guidelines for managing head lice.
All medications are stored in a box that is accessible to all staff. Athletes are not given any medication without the parents’ written consent. Written consent may only be on a “Permission to Administer Medications” form and all medications must be in their original bottles with original labels. Staff must also indicate on the administering form the date, time and dosage of medicine given at each administration, and then initial this information.
For prescription medication, only the directions on the bottle will be accepted for administering the medication. And in all instances staff need to know when the athlete received his/her last dosage of the medication, to ensure medication is given at appropriate times consistently.
With any prescription antibiotics athletes may not return to Twisters until they’ve had a full 24 hours of dosage, are no longer contagious and ready to participate in full, to ensure they are well on the road to recovery.
Food & Beverage
For classes 2.5 hours or less in duration we do not stop for snack break; however, water breaks are offered as needed.  Please ensure to send a plastic water bottle clearly labelled with your athlete's name to each class.  Water bottles should be filled with WATER ONLY.  Carbonated drinks and sugary juices can contribute to dehydration.
Should you chose to bring food into the facility for any reason, please note that we are a PEANUT FREE facility.
Please note that we are a PEANUT FREE facility. If you send any food with your athlete, or donate any food to any functions held at Twisters please ensure that these foods are PEANUT FREE. If they do not have the appropriate symbols or ingredients list then they will not be served to anyone for safety reasons, and will have to be returned home.
Emergency Transportation/ Medical Attention
For athletes who require immediate medical attention, staff will call emergency services to respond.
1. Staff at Twisters Gymnastics will phone for emergency transportation and/or medical attention when they deem it necessary for an athlete or athletes in their care.
2. The staff at Twisters Gymnastics will then call parents or emergency contacts to inform them.
Parents are welcome to view their athlete while they take recreational classes. Twisters would like to provide a positive and respectful viewing environment and ask that all parents keep this in mind while in the building. Please remember that only athletes and coaches are allowed on the gym floor. All parents and siblings must watch classes from the lobby or upstairs. Please do not enter the dance room.
Washroom & Diaper
Change rooms
Please remember that adults need to use the appropriate change room facilities.  If you have a young athlete that needs assistance, please bring him/her to the correct adult change room.  The women’s change room is to the left of the lobby and the men’s change room is just passed the mirrors in the gym.
In order to keep class interruptions to a minimum we require all preschoolers to visit the washroom prior to class. We require parents of all 3 year old students to remain in the gym while their athlete is in class.  If your athlete needs to visit the washroom, the coach will try to get your attention so you can attend to your athlete. If your athlete has an accident you will be contacted and your athlete will be waiting for you on the bench by the office.
There is a change table located in both the boy’s and girl’s bathrooms for your convenience. Please DO NOT change your athlete’s diapers on the mats or benches for the health of all of our athletes.   If your athlete is being toilet trained, please take your athlete to the washroom prior to class even if they went at home. If you observe your athlete doing the “potty dance”, please come into the entrance of the gym area, to take your athlete out of the class and to the bathroom. Some athletes are reluctant to tell the teacher if they have to go. We ask that itty-bitty students wear a clean diaper or pull-up as needed. If your athlete is in a diaper we ask that you stay during class. Students have a wetting accident will be asked to leave the gym area and not return unless clean dry appropriate apparel is available.
We have lockers in both change rooms.  If you need a safe place to leave your purse or wallet, we will have locks available for rental by leaving a deposit with the office, usually a set of car keys. Please do not use the lockers on the gym floor.  
Intoxication & Illegal Drug Use
Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can seriously impair an individual’s judgement and reactions leading to an increased risk of accidents and injuries occurring.
Any person under the influence of alcohol is not permitted to participate in any gymnastic activities. The Club reserves the right to eject from its premises any person who is under the influence and may present a risk to themselves or others.
If a parent/guardian or emergency contact who appears to be intoxicated arrives at the center to pick up an athlete; the Twisters staff will not release the athlete.
We will:
1. Offer to call a relative or friend to pick up the parent and athlete.
2. Offer to call a cab.
3. Inform the parent that if he/she chooses to drive with or without the athlete, the Twisters staff will inform the police immediately.
4. Call The Ministry for Children & Family Development if they believe the athlete is in need of protection.
Disciplinary Action
Here at Twisters Gymnastics, discipline and guidance centers around respect and responsibility. Each athlete is expected to be a respectful, responsible member of our club. This ranges from athletes cleaning up their own “messes” to using manners and politeness when speaking with coach, staff, and each other.
We follow the 1-2-3 time out procedure. The athlete will get two warnings upon the first and second instances of the athlete not acting safely, or be irresponsible or disrespectful. If the athlete continues the action that is not acceptable, the athlete will receive a third strike and a time-out. It is explained to the athlete as “when you cannot be safe with yourself and your friends/when you cannot play nicely, you must step away”. The athlete will be removed from the activity and asked to sit out, but still within the same vicinity as the coach. They will be asked to sit for a few short minutes to calm down, think about what behaviors are OK. The time-outs will last no more than 1-2 minutes before rejoining the group. We will briefly discuss what appropriate behaviors will need to be used to be a part of the group again.
Photography/ Filming
Filming or flash photography of classes is not permitted. Flashes are a safety concern. Parents are to restrict photography to their own athlete only. Permission should be obtained from any Twisters Gymnastics Staff members prior to photographing them.
Parents may not enter the training area for the purpose of filming or photography, unless expressly invited to do so by the coach. You may not publish any images taken at Twisters Gymnastics Club in any way and more particularly on the internet for any purpose unless they contain only your athlete. You must not use the photographs for any reason that could be derogatory to the gymnasts, coaches, and other gymnast’s abilities or to discredit the Club. Parents of Gymnasts should accept that their athlete may be videoed or photographed by their coach for the purposes of training only. The video or photographs obtained will not be published or shown except with the written express permission of the parent/guardian. Photographing your athlete at gymnastics classes is regarded as a privilege and not a right.
Member Privileges
All athletes who are registered in a class have paid their registration fees for the year. For some fun extra fun activity, try one of our drop in classes.
Drop In
Is non refundable and punch cards available.
One time drop in
Athletes who are wanting to try a drop in can go onto our one time drop in list without paying the $25 registration fee. This is a onetime option and the registration fee will need to be paid upon attendance of another drop in. These athletes are not allow on the rock wall and flips are not permitted as they have not registered yes with GBC. These athletes must wear a yellow wrist band during scheduled drop in times. If athletes remove their yellow wrist band during scheduled drop in time they will be evicted.
Safety First
The best interest of every athlete will always be our first priority here at Twisters Gymnastics Club. Please understand that in order to adhere to this policy, we reserve the right to remove any participant from our programs that may hinder their own development or the development of the other athletes in our facility by way of their inappropriate behavior. Our hope is that everyone fully enjoys the time they spend in our facility.
** We reserve the right to change the policies & procedures at any time and without notice.