Frequently Asked Questions

All communication is to go through the office staff. If at any time you have any concerns, comments or questions please feel free to contact:
Office Administrator email:
Recreational Administrator email:
Competitive Administrator email:
We also have feedback forms available on our website or at the office.
Bulletin Board
Recreational Bulletin Board
Please keep up to date by checking out the Recreational Bulletin board in our lobby.
Drop In Bulletin Board
Please keep up to date by checking out the Drop In Bulletin board in our lobby.
Fundraising Bulletin Board
Please keep up to date by checking out the Fundraising Bulletin board in our lobby.
Clothing Code
Athletes should come dressed in comfortable athletic clothing. Children under the age of 3, and those who are potty-training require at least two changes of clothing.
Boys or Girls may wear tucked in T-shirts and shorts OR Leotards for Girls. NO chewing gum or dangling jewellrey. Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face so that is stays up for the duration of class. Girls should not wear bows or other large hair ornaments that may cause discomfort during activity. Personal items should be left in cubby holes. Jewellery should not be worn during classes.
Please wear stretchy comfortable clothes, no jeans, buckles, belts or jewelry.  T shirts should be tight fitting and all athletes should have bare feet or gym slippers.  Body suits are available for sale but are not necessary. Please ensure all hair is tied back.
What to Bring
All athletes will be asked to have bare feet, or gymnastics slippers.  Please wear athletic clothing and be sure that t-shirts are tight so that they don’t ride up when athletes go upside down.   Gymnastics suits are not required but are great for girls, as well as bathing suit with shorts over the top.  We do have a selection of gymnastics body suits for sale in the lobby for those who are interested. Jeans are not permitted as the zippers and buttons damage equipment.
Long hair should be tied back, and jewelry (including dangly earrings) should be left at home and not worn in class.
Please bring a water bottle that can be stored in the cubbies in the change room along with their shoes and jackets.  We do have a water fountain available in the boys and girls bathroom as well.
When arriving for class, please go to the change room to put all your things in a cubby and then come back to the lobby to wait for your class to start.  5 minutes before class, coaches will be waiting at the entrance of the gym to organize athletes and get ready for the warm up activities.  Parents are to keep all children out of the gym and off the equipment, this is greatly appreciated.
Parents are welcome to stay and view their child’s class from the lobby or our fantastic bleachers in the hallway upstairs.  Please do not enter the gym, unless your child’s coach needs your assistance.  Also remember that due to insurance regulations, no siblings will be allowed in the gym if it is not their scheduled class time.
Personal Belongings
PLEASE LEAVE JEWELLERY ARTICLES AT HOME. This facility's staff will not be responsible for ANY items that may be lost or stolen. Be sure your student's personal items are marked with their name.
Drop off/ Pick up
Be sure your student arrives 5 minutes before (no earlier please) his/her scheduled class time. Please pick up your student on time. Please inform us if you know you will be late picking up your student. Instruct your student to wait inside the building and you must escort them from the building to your car. During peak times the parking lot is crowded. Please take into consideration that our students may include young children. Please drive slowly and carefully. Do not take a chance on your student running to and from your car. Parents please be aware that all children under the age of 12 MUST be walked to and from the gym for their safety.
Evacuation Procedure
In case of emergency (fire/Earthquake/flood/otherwise), athletes and staff will be evacuated to the grass field north of the Twisters building. This is just short walk from the building, and that will be how the athletes will be transported there. Emergency contact information will be transported along with us, so you will be contacted to pick up your child at the alternate location. 

Birthday Parties

Due to high enrollment numbers and space constraints, we do not offer Birthday Parties at this time.