Twisters has been the training home to half a dozen National Team members and three Olympians, Twisters Gymnastics also has a vibrant and successful competitive program for boys and girls starting as young as age 5. Selected athletes train from 4 - 25 hours per week in preparation for competition. Young gymnasts typically are tested for acceptance to join the girls Pre-Competitive and boys Pre-Comp programs where motor skills, co-ordination and basic skill acquisition are emphasized. Twisters competitive programs are led by National coaches Richard Ikeda, Ken Ikeda,  and Mits Ikeda (men's) and Steve Iliesu, Shallon Iliesu and Horia Iliesu (women's). Twisters elite gymnasts include 2001 Canadian National Champions and former Olympians Richard Ikeda and Kate Richardson and 2004 Olympian Ken Ikeda. We also have several High Performance athletes. Currently Twisters Gym is officially designated by Gymnastics Canada as a National Training Centre for men's gymnastics.
While the Women's program offers testing several times throughout the year, admittance into the Pre-Competitive Program is otherwise offered by recommendation from within our Recreational Program, or based on previous gymnastics or competitive experience directly into our Competitive Program. Please contact the gym for more specific information.