Class Description Walking-5

Parent & Tot – Walking to 3 years old
Have fun with Mom or Dad discovering gymnastics through: music, games, and creative movement circuits! Parent & Tot develops physical literacy, listening skills, and group interaction. Children who are 3 but still enjoy time with their caregiver should register in Assisted 3 Year Old.
45 minutes
Assisted 3 Year Old
Assisted 3 Year Old provides an introduction to gymnastics for children starting at age 3 and who have not participated in Parent & Tot. This class is also recommended for 3 year olds who need more guidance. Each week, children will gradually become more independent, after which they can successfully transfer to Independent 3 Year Old.
45 minutes
Independent 3 Year Old
Do you find your kids jumping on the bed? Tumbling off the couch? Gymnastics is the way to go! This class is designed to develop your child’s physical literacy and self-confidence. Games, songs, and exploration circuits will help develop your child’s basic gymnastics skills. We encourage children under the age of 3 to attend Parent & Tot prior to this class.
45 minutes
Beginner Kindergym – Ages 4 & 5
Beginner Kindergym develops the physical literacy needed to explore life with confidence. This program has 3 levels (Red, Orange, & Yellow). Athletes will learn through: games, music, & exploration circuits as they develop basic gymnastics skills. Gymnastics provides an excellent physical base for children regardless of the activities they choose later in life; gymnastics will help keep them active for life!
1 hour
Advanced Kindergym – Ages 4 & 5
Advanced Kindergym follows the successful completion of all levels in Beginner Kindergym. Advanced Kindergym will provide new and exciting challenges for those aged 4 & 5.  Athletes will be tested on the next 2 levels (Green & Blue). Progressive skill stations will allow athletes to learn more complex elements.
1.5 hours
Adapted Dynamos - Ages 4-12
Gymnastics develops physical literacy, which encompasses both gross and fine motor skills; these are essential for athletes facing special challenges. Adapted Gymnastics helps children learn through repetition, positive reinforcement, and fun exploration.  Please call the office so we can help your child develop. It is our goal to help athletes transition into our Recreational Program in a class of their peers.
45 minutes


Beginner Twistars Ages 5 & 6
Beginner Twistars follows the completion of the Advanced Kindergym program, or by invitation only. This class continues to develop the physical strength, agility and flexibility required in the sport of gymnastics. The student will begin to learn more advanced gymnastics skills as their confidence develops; all of this is accomplished in a structured positive environment. 
1.5 hours


We also have drop in times. Please see our drop in calendar for more information.